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  1. gratz to the glory 500 postย emblem, I thought this will never reach the day light.

    1. Dartel


      Well, I'm kind of a shitposter soo yea :Dย 

    2. Sandhog


      He's the King of Deals, this was merely a question of time.

  2. Free Beyond PayDay 2 Trainer

    Use keyconfig_laptop.lua Because all new keyboards don't have numpad...
  3. Beyond The Forest Trainer

    Make sure that you have the latest trainer version which is 3.1 now and just overwrite the files in your Forest folder. Use F1-F4 to activate it in game. If you're not sure how to install it follow this http://i.imgur.com/p1K7Quu.gif
  4. You do good work but I would like to know how I can stop seeing all of the things you post. I don't need game deals and it gets annoying having to click on all the different things to check and make sure I'm not missing any important posts.

    1. Dartel


      Only thing I know isย ignoring me but could still show up in unread content, give it a try.ย http://www.beyondcheats.com/ignore/

    2. Dartel


      Tested it out, it doesn't work. I'm not sure about IPS limits but you could talk with Simplity or Stark about the options of ignoringย certain sub-forums, if there's an option already I'm not aware of it.

    3. Metlearm


      Alright thanks Dartel