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    Version 1.3


    Ravenfield Trainor Installation: 1. Replace The Current .dll Within The Ravenfield Directory With The One Downloaded (Ex. C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Ravenfield\ravenfield_Data\Managed) 2. Load Into a Map For Menu To Appear. I Should Mention I Made This Out Of Pure Rage Because Of The 300 IQ Bots, Also Keep In Mind This Was Made In Like 10 Minutes So, If You Find Any Bugs, Tell Me.
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    Version 1.7/1.05


    Controls: Insert - Hack menu Delete -Spawn Menu Installation: Extract the archive to the game folder. Multiplayer Hack Installation for those who can't read
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    Version 5.5


    CSGO Cheat Installation: 1. Extract The File To a Location On Your Computer 2. Run GenerateHWID In The File And Recieve Your HWID 4 Message Your HWID To @BobbyBobRob 5. You Will Recieve Your License From The Message 6. Download And Place License In Your C:\ Drive 7. Run CSGO, And Once In Main Menu, Run The Loader (Run As Admin If It Doesn't Work). 8. Press "Insert" For Menu Hi. Its been a while, I know. if you wish to beta test the next version of the cheat, message me on the site (Premium Users Only).
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    it's Awesome! Seriously! The Best Mod Menu For THE FOREST!
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    Version 2.4.2


    Beyond Cheats Lua trainer for PayDay 2. Modelled after the Pirate Perfection trainer as it was our creation, with updates, new additions, enhancements, etc. Keys: 5 - Equipment spawn menu Numpad 1 - Character menu in game/Inventory cheats in menu Numpad 2 - Job menu/Stealth menu Numpad 3 - Spawn menu Numpad 4 - Troll menu Numpad 5 - Interaction menu Numpad 6 - Inventory menu Numpad 7 - Weapon list Numpad 8 - Equipment menu Numpad 9 - Mission menu Numpad + - Pregame menu END - Instant win F1 - Help menu F2 - Mod menu F4 - Carry stacker (frequently tap it in order to drop all stored bags) F5 - User script F6 - Configuration menu Z - Replenish all ammo and health, restore standard state X - Xray Middle Mouse Button - Teleport X7 Extra Button 1 - Slowmotion Installation: Extract the archive to the game folder. Credits: DLL Hook: BLT Main Development: Simplity, baldwin, ThisJazzman, The Joker Separate scripts development: Harfatus, OJSimpson (dlc unlocker), Transcend Also thanks to: Sandhog, Zaros, Uraz88. Installer: Stark