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    A old project, pretty much one of my first "professional" works in manipulating real people, you can see OBVIOUS errors, but because it's one of my very early works in this thematic, I didn't even realized this errors, since they were little bit stressing to edit due to lack of skills back to it's time. But if I had to do it today, I would edit it to perfection, and recognize very fast errors like in the top left corner (purple color) or missing hair color changes.

    I found it randomly in one of my old backup messages.

    If there is any interest on how to do this, contact me, I will create a guide for it then.




  1. オーバーロード
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    In this entry I will show you how how to create a VHS effect.

    Here is a preview how it can look like once you learned this lesson!






    First of all, you have to open the picture by draggin the file into the software.
    Duplicate the picture two times, that you have a total of three pictures.
    Select the middle layer and use "Colors" => "Colorize" from the toolbox from the top.

    A new window will open where you can change the color of the picture in total.
    You can select whatever colors you would like to for this effect, I used the first standard (180 / 50 / 0)
    Once you choose you first color, apply it.
    Now select the top layer and do the same, except you choose another color this time, I used on the second red (360 / 50 / 0)
    Once you choose you second color, apply it.
    Now you have to set the mode of both colored pictures to "Lighten only".

    Your GIMP should look like this, when you didn't selected other colors.



    Now here comes the tricky step, where you have to experience with the picture, because every picture need different settings on edit, there is no standard.
    Select the "Move" tool, from you tool-box.
    Select middle layer (In my case the blue one).
    One click on your photo short to select the picture for moving.
    Now you can use your cursor, to move it a slightly to the left. I use myself the arrow keys on the keyboard, because it's impossible to accidently move the effect more higher or lower this way.
    Now you have to do the same with the top layer (In my case the red one), but drag it to the right slightly.

    You have to experience this by yourself, how it looks the best for you.

    Your GIMP should look like this slightly now, when you didn't selected other colors.



    Now create a new transparent layer, and place it to the top.
    Select the "Bucket Fill" tool from your tool-box.
    Select on the settings "Pattern fill".
    Select as pattern "Stripes" (There are two kind of stripes, many small stripes, and less bigger stripes. Both can be used, depending on how you would like to have it.)
    Make sure to have settings "Fill whole selection".
    Click with the "Bucket Fill" tool now on you new transparent layer to apply stripes.
    Now put the layer with the stripes in mode "Overlay".
    Now duplicate the layer with the stripes.
    Select the new duplicated layer with the stripes and use from you top tool bar "Colors" => "Invert" to make one layer with black stripes, into white stripes.
    Now select the "Move" tool from you tool-box.
    Click any of the both layers with stripes shortly once, and press Keyboard key "Arrow down" or "Arrow up".

    Make sure both stripe layers in mode "Overlay".

    Now you can place with the stripes layer opacity, to optimize it for yourself.

    Your GIMP should look like this slightly now, when you didn't selected other colors.



    Now Additional to that, you can change few additional things.
    You can duplicate the original layer, and place it over the colored one. 
    Set it to mode "Overlay".
    You will see the picture got a lot darker, so you can win additional shadows and contrast.
    You can also play here with opacity to optimize it for yourself.

    Now another Additional effect to that (Not shown on the pictures on the top, picture below).
    You can stronger the color of your VHS effect.

    Create a new layer (Transparent) on top of all.
    Select the new transparent layer.
    Go to top tool bar and press "Layer" =>" New from visible".
    Select the new layer from "New from visible" and go to the top tool bar and press "Colors" => "Hue-Saturation..."
    Now a new window will open, select "Saturation" and increase it.
    You will see that the colors will get a lot stronger.

    Your GIMP should look like this slightly now, when you didn't selected other colors.


    Beyond Cheats - NekWioS - Creative Team

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    If you were born in the 90's, you probably remember this little tiny title...
    and by tiny I mean "20 YEARS STRONG AND MAKING MORE MONEY THAN GOD"...

    Regardless, ever since I had an original Game Boy and my half brother gave me his version of Blue (of which he had Red, Yellow, then Gold and Silver and on and on which I then got shortly there after...) I've always enjoyed the franchise.  While I don't enjoy absolutely everything about it, I understand the story, experience, and most importantly the information surrounding the title... and if you know me... that's all I needed to be interested.

    As a side project of mine, I'll be working on probably the most copyright infringing project I've worked on, but this requires a little backstory...
         Several years ago I had played through all the games in series up to Black and White 2, since nothing else had been released yet, on emulators just because I could from Game Boy to DS, and I began to wonder quite legitimately, "What is the best Pokemon?"  It wasn't a question of design or raw strength, it was one that wondered what Pokemon with what ability, moves, items and so on would win almost any encounter it came across simply because it had the most damaging effects or advantages, or even just the highest stats.  Sure, you can compare things like base stats, assume best IVs and EVs, just give the Pokemon the strongest moves it can learn and call it a day, but then all that would be swept out because of a type disadvantage, which would clearly not make it the strongest if another Pokemon could stand there and resist everything they can throw.  So, getting a DS emulator for my phone, I use to carry around a copy of SoulSilver (my phone updated, borked the app, updated app, app just now borked, so fuck it), and on it I imported all the event Pokemon available manually, gave myself eggs of the HeartGold's version exclusives, and filled any other Pokemon that were otherwise missing.  I progressively, and honestly didn't get very far, trained up Pokemon after Pokemon, recording all the information I could in a fancy little Excel spreadsheet of my own design, tracking highest stats, ranking moves as being more powerful than others and comparing those, calculating the Pokemon with the least type disadvantages and most advantages, and everything else the game could spit out... however... that requires time... LOTS of MANUAL time...

         Just last year I had come up with the idea to speed up that manual process of creating the most optimal Pokemon... by not...  Pokemon are just bits of very structured information, that follow specific rules and and stuck to certain hierarchies, and if these can be made in a game, it can be made OUTSIDE of one.  Instead of using the games, I wanted to use just their information, compile all the data of Pokemon battles into a very large program that simulated every Pokemon battle...


         This is an impossibly high number.  As of writing this, 802 Pokemon vs 802 Pokemon, with each able to learn around at least 50 moves each from a move pool of 719, with each Pokemon able to have one of usually three available abilities from a list of 232, and each able to hold an item which I'm not even going to try and count the number of, in addition to each Pokemon having 6 unique hidden stat values and 6 stat values that increase as you battle, and now with the addition of X and Y, a fairly unknown "affection" value that sometimes throws a little extra luck in to things like critical hits or evading oncoming attacks... if we just multiply the numbers of Pokemon vs Pokemon, moves, and abilities I've listed, which isn't even close to an actual minimum amount of combinations, we're already at 107,291,572,832... and we haven't even included the possible combinations of the TWELVE values on EACH Pokemon that can range from 0 to 32 and 255...

    In other words the computer calculating all of these would turn to dust when the Sun explodes... and not have made a dent...

         So, instead of just doing my little experiment... I decided to set out and try something that has been done similarly, but hasn't been done fully.  Instead of just compiling all the pieces I need to make this... I've decided to compile any information I come across... and since I'm reading every Wiki page, website, and even the games themselves for information... that means one thing:  I'll have all the information for every game.

    One long game, one long journey, spanning now 7 generations, 20 years, and an impossible amount of work.


    So yea... occasionally I'll post info of how this is progressing, which will be slow... and may never finish... it's a side project after all... I have a lot of those...
    However, there is another reason for this blog entry... and that's you.
    While I may be writing this all up myself, it doesn't mean there needs to only be one involved.  There's a LOT of information, both documented and not, and while I'm not expecting any replies, if you do happen to enjoy the Pokemon titles, enough to know information that isn't on Bulbapedia (which is my current primary source, and will branch out once I sweep the whole website), or know if something isn't correct, or if there's something overlooked, or whatever the info may be as long as it isn't a basic fundamental like a type advantage, I'd love to know it.  This ramble has gone on for quite enough, so I guess there's only one thing left to say...

    Train On
    (Or whatever saying they have when I finish this...)


  2. On the official website got added shortly two promotional videos about Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujou Ou-hen.

    In Jump Square-Magazins got announced in the up coming Magazin, that season 2 on 6th January will be played in the Japanese TV, MBS, TBS and CBC will show it for the first time.

    Rin Akatsuki is responsible for the new ending.

    A timer is also available on the Offizial website which ends on 6th July, where no confirmation is available what it stand for.


  3. The Problem With Today's Generation and "Trying"

    The Background
         There's not really a whole lot of info you need to know for this, but being born on the border of when the generations changed names from what we'll dub "The Generation Who Tries" to "The Generation Who Doesn't", I can frankly say a trend exists.  Being born in 1995, I noted something:  a hard line of when what must have been the gene for "trying at life" stopped being included in the gene pool.  Through school, I would always gravitate towards knowing my teachers, professors, etc., simply because I liked educated conversations, and respected them knowing that they didn't want to teach a group of children just as much as we didn't want to be there, but we both had to.  Rather than just being another problem in the room, I wouldn't be a dick to these instructors, but instead relate, trying to help them when I could, so naturally I stayed in contact with a few.  However, a pattern arose when I started talking to them years after I had left, they were all retiring.  Repeatedly, they had said "They just don't listen," "They just don't care," "It's not that they can't try, it's that they won't."  According to them, they were retiring because they didn't want to teach a group of students who were choosing not to be taught, or function like normal human beings, it just wasn't worth the frustration.  Being on that border, I too could confirm this, the students chasing behind were progressively reducing the bars of anything humanity had created, they've even had to reduce the normal classes to what would have been remedial just so the failure rate wasn't 100%.  Now while there are exceptions to this rule, both in favor of the "Generation Who Doesn't" and against the "Generation Who Tries", these numbers are fairly few, and those who say to themselves they aren't included in this rule most likely are, only those who have been seen by others to not be are excluded.
         Now, nothing has fundamentally changed, technology has advanced, maybe parenting has gotten worse, education has had to consistently lower itself around that cutoff margin, but humans haven't really changed, we oppose change, let alone change in ourselves.  Knowing this... I have a problem...

    The Problem
         That means just like everything else that isn't the race you're born as and whether you do or do not have dangly bits, its left down to choice.  Granted there are some genetic dispositions one may have, which would be unfair to say that is left to choice, but on the whole, the entire human race wouldn't suddenly have a mutation that lowered thinking just because the year hit a certain mark.  Plus, if it were to be a sudden change to the DNA of all humans, last I checked, not functioning isn't exactly a good adaptation, so nature wouldn't exactly prioritize that, and even down a religious route, God wouldn't exactly command for people made in his image to now be the equivalent of potatoes, and if he did, you may want to reevaluate your God, as he sounds like an ass.
         So, if you still don't believe me, let us look at a semi-experiment / semi-data collection / useful tool.  Here are the stats for something I've created (below), and I will update these fairly frequently.  This program is a collection of neutralized responses that are used when a user most often asks a question, or fills the requirement for a response to be made.  These responses contain fundamental things, such as telling the user that the downloads are in the Downloads section, or that the instructions on how to install something are under a bold "Installation" label on the exact thing they want to install.  Fundamentally, these things shouldn't even need to be stated, as they are, oddly enough, fundamental.  "X contains X?"  Who knew?  X did, and X doesn't move, was aptly named X for a reason, and X even describes itself.  The things this program display, even knowing nothing about computers, the site itself, or even English (Since "Help" is still a word in any language that has the equivalent of "Help"), have exactly what they describe, so the only reason this is not known is if "trying" was never done.  "Trying" is a choice, and is oft the key to everything to just function as a human, however, once you look at these stats, you may agree "trying" is just as historic as the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids, the Leaning Tower, and so on, memories of the past, still present, but not what they once were.


    - - - Stats - - -
    [Entry:  Amount Used  (Average Per Day)]
    User needs Downloads*:  39  (0.513)
    User asked where Downloads is*:  11  (0.145)
    User needs General Support*:  342  (4.5)
    User asked where General Support is*:  50  (0.658)
    User asked/needs what post to read*:  41  (0.539)
    User needs Unturned install*:  24  (0.316)
    User stated Unturned Friday*:  8  (0.105)
    User could be incorrectly looking*:  12  (0.158)
    User complained Chat is not General Support*:  7  (0.092)
    User acknowledged bot:  9  (0.118)
    Post 48 hour deletion block*:  1  (0.013)
    Post click away answer block*:  14  (0.184)
    User lied about reading*:  5  (0.066)
    User questions identity:  9  (0.118)
    User questions responses:  6  (0.079)
    Program Image:  25  (0.329)
    * = This item should be 0 if humanity has any chance of surviving


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    The Problem Series offers no final words and no conclusion, it is about pointing out fairly obvious flaws within the cornerstones of ideas and fundamentals about our reality, not about making earth-shattering statements, these are only observations on the most rudimentary level, the conclusion is yours and yours alone to make.